January 28, 2024

Blessing & Celebration + Town Pastors Update

Passage: Revelation 19:6-10, John 2:1-11
Service Type:

Our service this morning was led by Ian Levett, a Lay Reader visiting us from St Mary's Anglican church.

Ian is also Chair of the Haverhill Town Pastors which has not been operating since the pandemic due to shortage of volunteers. Hopefully HTP will relaunch in February this year and Ian gave us an overview and update with the hope of some folk volunteering for one of the three areas of need.

  • Home prayers (praying for the pastors on the street for one hour on a Friday night, probably once a month)
  • Base (praying with the pastors before they go out on the street & while they're out, taking calls from the home prayers and giving them any info on situations and providing refreshments when the pastors come in for their break - again about once a month)
  • Pastors on the street (talking to people out during the evening, helping to defuse potentially difficult situations, supporting those in difficulty/danger - all with the help of Freddo chocolate bars! Training will be provided. Yet again, duty about once a month)

If you are interested in becoming part of the team please contact Ian Levett on ianlev1@btinternet.com

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