There are many faces in our church and everyone works together to make the church function. Below are the names of some of the people holding positions within the church, which you may find useful, but there are many others involved in our work and ministry. Leaders/organisers of any particular group may be found on the group page.


Superintendent Minister – Rev Peter Goodhall

Peter took up the reins of our circuit on 20th February 2017, coming to us from Braintree in the Chelmsford circuit. He brings with him his wife Jo and children James and Sally as well as 17 years of ministry experience.

Phone 01440 702422



Circuit Stewards

Craig - small


Craig Hibbert


me   Kathy Cohen


Church Stewards

Our church stewards help in the day to day running of the church and support the preachers by ensuring that services run smoothly.

  • Stewart JacquelineJacqueline Stewart (Senior Steward)
  • Abimbola MuritalaMuritala Abimbola
  • Barker KeithKeith Barker
  • Huckfield DaveDavid Huckfield
  • Rinaldi David croppedDavid Rinaldi
  • Sue Symonds
  • Mick Etheridge – please contact Mick on 01440 423 263 for Church Hall bookings
  • Janet Etheridge – Pastoral Secretary


Communications Team Leader – Kathy Cohen

Kathy runs the projector each week, showing scrolling notices at the beginning of the morning service and projecting hymns, readings and sermon notes. She also prints our weekly Notices and monthly magazine ‘Flame’ and keeps the website up to date. She tries to ensure that we are all communicating as we should be!

  • Kathy Cohen collates the weekly Notices
  • Dave Huckfield edits the ‘Flame’ magazine in preparation for printing.

All information for the scroll, Notices or Flame should be submitted to: or placed in the INFO tray in the church foyer, preferably at least a week before publication is desired.