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    Haverhill Light


    In your own home and on your exercise walk!

    Hi Everyone,

    Please forgive me for giving you lots of information all in one go!

    It had been our intention that throughout January we would ask you to take part in several different activities, all with the intention of taking light (and light-relief!) into other peoples’ lives. The plan was to drip-feed these activities at each Sunday service, but since the change in the covid19 restrictions we have had to think of a different way of achieving the master plan. (One thing for sure, if you weren’t any good at change at the beginning of 2020 I’m sure you are now experts!)

    So here are the activities for the whole month, all in one go!

    Prayer Walks

    This can be part of your daily exercise. If you have someone to walk with and pray with that’s perfect but you can certainly do this alone. Decide where you are going to go and pray for the various households and businesses you pass. Pray for health and wellbeing, for prosperity, for hope to return and pray for a healthy future. If you feel able to consider doing a night time prayer walk, the community is very different at night, but stay safe. Please don’t leave this for someone else to do! We can all do this and it will definitely make a positive difference.

    Christmas Card Prayers                                                        

    Before Christmas I suggested that you hang on to your Christmas cards. Here is why! Please will you take a look at them again and in a time of quiet, read them one at a time, praying for the sender. Prayer is at the heart of who we are and every prayer matters.


    Who doesn’t love receiving a postcard? We have available plenty of lighthouse – themed cards, with the wording “Thinking of you”. Think of someone who would appreciate receiving one from you! If you would like some, just email me, telling me how many you would like and I will send them to you.

    Organza Gift-bags

    We have a supply of white drawstring organza gift bags available for you to use. Think of someone who would feel valued by receiving a little bag filled with the things of life! You could put anything in there that you like, e.g., tissues, lip-balm, packets of seeds, homemade sweets or biscuits, a written postcard from you, the list is endless. Email me again and let me know how many you can use.

    Laminated A5 Cards

    These are rather special as they are intended for distribution far and wide and we need your help please. They are beautifully printed items with several different methods of contacting mental health helplines, including voice-text, phone, email and messenger. These are very important numbers we wish to communicate far and wide. No-one is immune from depression and anxiety, especially these days. We have 400 available. They are intended for display on noticeboards primarily. If you think you can usefully distribute these please just tell me how many you need.

    Haverhill Light Up The Night

    Last but definitely not least, until last night when the covid19 rules changed to full lockdown the plan had been to host a town-wide community event which would be FREE and open to everyone. Householders were to be invited to decorate their front-facing windows and illuminate them from the inside for 2 evenings in the last weekend of January. The idea being that it becomes a temporary (much-needed) light and art walking event. Such things have happened in other towns with great success. It is disappointing to have to halt proceedings but it is law that people must stay at home. However we plan to try again later in the year, hopefully at Halloween as a counter offer against the darkness associated with that.

    Prayer event

    Details below of a 24 hour prayer event which Janet is organising. Please do join in if you possibly can.


    Well, I have probably forgotten something here, but hopefully not! As you see there is a LOT happening with Haverhill Methodist Church this month and I really hope you pick up some of the positive energy from here and decide to actively take part in something (or all of it!) Please email me if you have any questions and if you can collate all your requirements into one communication that will help us save on postage. Email me on

    Sending hope, light and blessings,


    Lay Pioneer

    24 Hour Prayer Event

    On the 23rd January, we are planning a 24-hour prayer event, commencing at 7.00am on Saturday 23rd and finishing at 7.00am. Sunday 24th. If you would like to be added to the rota, could you please let me know which half hour-long slot you want to have as soon as possible, either by email or by telephone (01440) 423263. You may have more than one slot and it doesn’t matter if a number of us offer the same time slots.

    During this time of COVID19, there have been many members of our church affected and it would be good to set aside one day to pray about the situation; for individual members who have been affected by it, those who are lonely and unable to get out, for the vaccine and for our Church. I would also like you to remember the many thousands of people who are engaging in our Haverhill Methodist Church Community FB page and the various town community FB pages. We may not know who they are, but we can pray for them as they dip their toes into exploring the Christian faith. Nearer the time, with Peter’s help, I will send out some prayer suggestions and some Bible readings which may help in focusing our prayers. This is also open to other churches in the town. Please pray about this, and if you would like to be included let me know the time/s you would be able to pray. Thank you to all those who are already praying daily for the current situation.

    Every Blessing, Janet.